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Brew With Us


Getting the best from your coffee starts with a few basics, so let us show you how we like to do it.

 We're all for experimentation as well, break the rules if you've found that little something that makes you smile. Little less, little more, it's up to you.


V60 Pour Over


  • 15gm of filter roast coffee
  • 240gm hot water at 93 celcius + additional for rinsing (Or a minute or so off the boil)
  • Hario V60 Coffee Dripper & filter paper
  • Digital scale


  1. Fold & place filter paper into Coffee Dripper. Rinse with some hot water to pre-heat, then discard.
  2. Grind coffee to the consistency of table salt, pour into paper filter & level grounds.
  3. Start timer, pour 40gm water, gently stir & allow to saturate for 25-30 seconds.
  4. In a steady circular motion, pour remaining 200gm water.

Total brew time - 3 minutes +/- 15 sec

Brew Ratio - 1gm Coffee / 15gm water


Aeropress - Inverted method


  • 14gm filter roast coffee

  • 210gm hot water at 93 celcius (Or a minute or so off the boil)

  • Aeropress & filter paper

  • Digital Scale


  1. Insert the plunger side into the main tube and invert, leaving the bottom facing up.

  2. Place a filter paper into the cap and rinse with some hot water, set aside.

  3. Grind coffee to consistency of table salt & pour into the Aeropress.

  4. Pour in 210gm water, gently stir to agitate & allow to steep for approximately 70-80 seconds.

  5. Gently stir again, screw the cap on top, carefully invert Aeropress onto a serving vessel & press with even pressure over 20 seconds.

Total brew time - 90 seconds +/- 10 sec

Brew Ratio - 1gm coffee / 15gm water