Limited Offering Filter Coffee

Limited Offering Filter Coffee


Coope Victoria - Gesha


1300 masl





Tasting Notes

Jasmine • Stone Fruits • Light Caramel

Recommended Brewing Method

Filter only - Aeropress/Pourover/Chemex

Due to the limited numbers for this coffee, we can only roast this in small batches. Please allow additional time for your order to be dispatched.

This was the very first Cooperative in Costa Rica, established in 1943 with twenty members. The Coop is located in the West Valley and today has around 3000 members, producing 50,000kg of coffee annually.

This year a very small, and very special lot of the Gesha variety was produced, to showcase the quality of which this association is very capable. Gesha is more famously known from Panama, but is now widely cultivated in Costa Rica with varying degrees of success.

We found ourselves coming back for the delicate aromas & tea-like flavours during our cupping sessions. This excellent coffee shows that Costa Rica can indeed produce this rare and difficult variety at a very high level of quality. With washed Gesha the experience is all in the structure, with a balance and sweetness unlike any other variety, accompanied by the delicate fruit and florals on the palate.

To truly enjoy the nuances of this exceptional coffee, the team at Gabriel Coffee recommends filter based brewing methods only.

250gm - Whole Bean Only

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